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Leavenworth Rockfest 2018

A few months ago my friend Matt Bowen got a hold of me and asked if I'd be down to shoot photos of the 19th annual Leavenworth Rockfest, hosted by the Leavenworth Mountain Association. Because I'd like my town to be seen as more of an outdoor mecca and less as just a place where tourists wear funny hats and drink bad beer while stuffing their faces with brats, I didn't think twice. "We'll be in Alaska for most of April," I responded, "but we'll be back a week before then."

As I said in my last post, things got a little weird for us in Alaska. After a handful of days of being tent bound in a storm we missed our flight home. A few days later the storm was still raging, and the forecast was still terrible. On the day that I'd been planning on texting Matt via satellite phone to let him know that I wouldn't make it to Rockfest, the storm broke long enough for our air taxi service to swoop in and pick us up. Alaska Airlines found room for us on a flight the next day, and we were back in Leavenworth the day before Rockfest.

I thought that it would be pretty overwhelming to be forced right back into the swing of things after spending 24 days on a remote glacier, but really it was pretty nice to be around friends, food, wildflowers, and beer. I won't deny that I shot most of these photos with a camera in one hand and a beer or coffee in the other.

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