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Contest Winner!

I don't enter many photo contests. Most either want to own the rights to any photos that you submit, or charge an entry fee. I write those kinds of contests off as something close to a scam. So when a friend sent me a link to a local photo contest put on by Foothills Magazine, a regional lifestyle magazine published by The Wenatchee World, the first thing I did was read the fine print. Sure enough, it was legit! This was the second time I've entered a contest, and the second time I've won first place in a contest—the first being the Professional Photographers of Washington Student Photographer of the Year contest in 2005.

The photo is a neat shot of my girlfriend Lyndsey bouldering near our house. Back when I was a more serious climber I didn't take as many photos as I now wish I did because honestly I find watching climbing to be pretty boring; I'd rather be doing it myself. I've been getting more into it recently though. It's not the climbers themselves I'm drawn to, it's the wild places and situations that we find ourselves in. Add ascetic routes and cool lighting, and suddenly you have something pretty visually unique. I'll do a blog post on climbing photography one of these days.

The Cover:

The full shot, which ran as a two page spread inside:

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