Most of my earliest memories revolve around outdoor adventures: Exploring undeveloped beaches on Washington’s San Juan Islands… Climbing trees and building forts in the woods behind my childhood home… Huddling under a tarp with my family during an intense downpour in a rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula… Decades later my life still revolves around trips to wild and far out places, but it’s fair to say that the scale has changed.

I’ve been documenting my adventures ever since I was old enough to wrap my head around how a camera works. Photos taken on weekend trips to the local mountains led to my being awarded the Professional Photographers of Washington Student Photographer of the year scholarship in the spring before I headed off to college, which made me think that it might be worthwhile to keep at it. In college I focused on news photojournalism, but over the years I spiraled deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of climbing and skiing. Before I even finished school I took the leap that so many hopeless mountain addicts have taken over the years: I moved into a truck.

My memories from that time are a blur of driving, climbing, and hiking. I spent a few months “studying abroad” in the Peruvian Andes, a summer climbing in the Cascades, a winter ice climbing in Montana, and eventually settled down (while still living in my truck) long enough to graduate. In the fall of 2009 the dust settled and I moved into an actual house in Leavenworth, a faux Bavarian village/outdoor sport mecca in central Washington. There are a few drawbacks to living in a small mountain town (cultural isolation, a lack of new and exciting food and beer, and an ever decreasing ability to handle big city traffic just to name a few), but the pros outweigh the cons: I get to ski whenever I want to in the winter, there is good mountain biking and rock climbing minutes from my house, and there are plenty of inspiring people to get out with.


For eight winters I worked at Stevens Pass Mountain Resort; the last four of which were spent working as a writer and photographer in the marketing department. I learned a lot, skied a lot, made some great friends, but decided to build something that I can call my own, and that’s what brings me to here and now.


My photos and/or writing have appeared in Alpinist Magazine,,, as well as in a handful of regional magazines, blogs, and newspapers. On the commercial end of things, I’ve worked with Mountain Equipment (UK), Therm-a-Rest, and of course Stevens Pass Mountain Resort. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project, purchase a print, or just to say hello.


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